Fun with my maid (part 1)

I live alone in the famous metropolitan city which is also sometimes called the Silicon Valley of India. Spending most of my time in the office, I don’t get to look after the household chores. Hired a maid and she has been taking care of it for months. It so happened, she became sick due to her old age and she sent her replacement to take her place for a couple of days.

This young replacement was one of the most beautiful & sexy girls I’ve ever met. Even in simplicity, she had something about her which made me glance at her everytime she was there in my house.

A few days passed by, and I had taken a day off from work. Being a lazy day, I decided to wake up late. The beautiful made came on time early morning and started cleaning the house. She came to my room and started cleaning. I woke up by the sounds being made and caught her staring at my crotch, only to realise that my loose boxers were not helping much in covering what needed to be covered. I immediately covered it using the bedsheet and started feeling ashamed. She went out and I headed to take a shower.

I kept thinking about her sexy curvy body and the beautiful face the new maid had. She was a temporary replacement so I knew I had to do something quick to not let go of this opportunity. The next day, I purposely kept my bedroom half open and when I came out of shower I was completely nude. She saw me while passing by which I noticed. I started thinking what to do next. Coming from office, I bought some good makeup stuff and kept it in my wardrobe. I decided to make up a sob story about my GF breaking up with me and that I had bought his for her as a gift.

Day 3, I dressed up all good & called her into the living room. Offered her the makeup set & told her the sob story. She became emotional but said I won’t be able to accept it since her mother will not allow it. I said fine no worries, you take it and give it someone else on the way, like your friends or anyone and I kept it on the table and went to my office.

Came back from the office and the makeup set was gone. She had definitely taken it with her. Next morning I got a call from my previous maid that she’ll resume work from coming Monday and it was already Thursday. I know I had to do something really fast. The sexy maid came and the first thing I noticed that she was wearing the lipstick and little foundation – from the makeup set I suppose. I asked her if she tried it, she very much assertively said YES! and I’m so happy. That, marked my entry into the terrority!

I took work from home for the next day so that I could improve my rapport with her. Staying back home, I started little chit chat, tried to know more about her. Her stories were quite fascinating but I wasn’t interested in any of those. The talk went quite good and while leaving my house she said, “Sahab aap bohot acche ho.. aapki future hone wali biwi bohot lucky hoegi”. Hearing this it made me excited, as I felt that my efforts went great! and there is some scope to score with her.

Saturday came, and I bought a phone for her. I knew she wouldn’t accept it straightaway so had to think of some good story. Told her that I won it in the mall and it costed me nothing. She hesistated few times but was able to convince her to take it. I helped her migrate her phone data from her useless & broken old android phone to this new phone and casually asked if I could get her number. Guess what? she gave it to me. My hopes of getting laid with her increased to the max!


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