Old colleague ignited flame in me

I have this phase of kinks which intrigues me and I try to fulfil it to the fullest before moving to a new one. The latest has been dom-sub and so I have been actively scoping the scene to find a good sub, but it’s elusive, had a few KLPDs, few ghosting experiences had worn me down considerably, so sad I headed to Starbucks for a coffee where I ran into an old colleague, I hadn’t seen her for almost 4 years and at one time she used to report to me.

She was with another friend most probably an ex-colleague / common friend. After some pleasantries, we all realised all were bored so decided to go and have some drinks for recollecting old times, which is weird as I don’t really drink but nothing breaks the ice as a few drinks. Before we knew both of them were pretty high and drunk and laughing and giggling. It was obvious she was setting him up and he was enjoying the attention.

After some time I started feeling a bit left out, so I politely sought their alignment to leave saying it was late and I had a work day tomorrow. To my surprise, the guy stopped me and put his hand on my shoulder and said “Bro, what’s the hurry, we are also leaving for her place. Why don’t you join us, we will have a good time ;)”

Now I got mind fucked, unable to gather what’s happening, looked at her and she had this amazing look biting her lips. I was like “dimag mein laddoo footen !!! ” What followed was an hour of free-flowing conversation on fetishes, she coyly confessed how she found me extremely intimidating at work and would get wet when I would grill her publicly in the reviews.

Cut to chase we were at her place at midnight and what followed was undiluted 3 hours of pure domination where we choked, spanked her to heart’s content, used the choicest of expletives, made her kneel, spread, bend and squirt. Took turns in fucking her till her toes curled with the hard thrust as we split roasted her. Ended the session spraying cum on her followed by a golden shower. Had one of the best sessions in a long time went back home applied for leave the next day and slept the entire day.